I am a professional driver for Baylor Tucking and I’ve been here for 3.5 years.

“I used to work for a large company where no one ever knew my name when I called in to Dispatch. At Baylor Trucking, that never happens. When I call in, everyone addresses me by my name. In fact, they always (have to) ask for my truck number because Dispatch knows who I am.

I love Baylor Trucking because I get treated like family, I have personal connections with several co-workers: drivers, mechanics, and office people. And, I get to bring my family along (free of charge) and show them my work world and that means a lot to me.

Just like any other company, Baylor has its bumps but what sets Baylor Trucking apart from those other carriers, is they operate with integrity and honesty. The grass is greener and the light shines brighter here. Good things come in small packages.

I use to live near the verge of poverty, making around $600 a week and barely seeing my family.  We had a tiny house (not the cool kind) and a car that sometimes ran. Now we have a much nicer and larger home, my wife and I both have nice vehicles and I call the shots on my home time.  That’s all you can ask for in a company and Baylor Trucking provides it to my family.